Local Sync Store problem - new sync wants to overwrite existing one

A bit of help please re setting up new syncing.

Dropbox stopped working for me and it seems that, despite have built up several GB’s with them on a free account, they have now taken away from me all of that space and I now have only 2GB left with them. So - goodbye Dropbox.

Switched to Box but the last few weeks all I have been getting is a ‘bad gateway’ error and nothing has been working. So, goodbye Box.com

So today I set up on Mac 1 a local sync store on my NAS. All good. Sync went really quickly.

Now, I try to set up Mac 2 to sync to the local sync store on my NAS. I go to DT prefs, Sync and click on the option for local sync store. I navigate to where I have set up the first one but then, I just get the following message:
A file or folder with the same name already exists in the folder DevonThinkSync. Replacing it will overwrite its current contents.”

No - I don’t want to overwrite everything. Why is it saying this and not just merging with what is there already? I 've never seen this message before when using dropbox or Box.

Any ideas/help/suggestion please.

Why don’t you use WebDAV sync with your NAS? That is known to work reliably.

In support of @chrillek’s advice, I also use WebDAV on my Synology NAS to synch, along with Bonjour which is, frankly the fastest and easiest to setup.

“Local” sync store on a “remote” device … why?

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I’m not really sure how to set up webdav on a nas. Could you provide any pointers?
I know literally nothing about bonjour but happy to consider it if it is a useful option.
Thank you

Why not? What’s wrong with it? It was an option, I picked it and it seems to have worked really well apart from this particular problem.

Setting up webdav on my synology looks pretty complicated - messing around with port forwarding on my very basic router for a start. I’d rather not if I don’t have to - what will webdav give me that a local sync store on my NAS doesn’t?

You only need port forwarding if you wish to have access to the NAS from outside your local network, e.g. Internet. If you want that, and I recommend you not go there unless you are technically savy with internet security else you will be target for automated hacker bots.

As for what WebDAV offers that a “local” sync on a remote server gets you … avoids messing with the problems you are messing with. If that is still the preferred solution for you, go for it but it’s not something I’ve seen discussed on this forum and is therefore (assumption, I know) unusual.

Again, on the local network Bonjour works well and is fast/reliable. Can work along side WebDAV if you want.

That is actually not the start. You need port forwarding only if you want to remotely sync your data, i.e. from/to a device that is outside of your local network. Since you’re currently using a local sync store, I very much doubt that that’s a requirement. But then I may be mistaken, since you used Dropbox and Box before to sync.

Possibly remote access.

But since you apparently do not need that, why even bother with all that instead of simply using Bonjour? That does not require setting up anything (except deciding which machine is the “server” and turn on Bonjour for it).

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Thanks All. The replies help to clarify. No - I don’t really need remote access, it’s fine if syncing only happens at home or on the same network so I’m going to experiment with Bonjour first and see how that goes.

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Accept the option to overwrite it. It won’t. It’s just worded that way and IIRC is just controlled by the operating system.

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