Localization question for smart templates

I copied the journal - text smart template and renamed it. I instantly noticed that the original is translated not just content wise, but also the menu entries are translated.
I found the translations within the content folders of devontink3 in applications.
I wonder if i want to create my own if i would have to change the files within the devonthink application or if there is an option to create menu localization information for own templates within the template folders themselves and not the app files?

I instantly noticed that the original is translated not just content wise, but also the menu entries are translated.

Where are you seeing this?

Maybe i should rephrase my question? I intend to translate my copied title/name of the template similarly to the DT provided templates?

The only resource i have found it within the Dt application package:


Is there any other option then changing those? They would be overwritten with every update, so a user specific file of this would be useful?

The localization happens inside the bundle.
If you copy the file instead of editing ours - which we always advocate anyways - your changes would be preserved.

Copy where to?

Anywhere in the Templates directory you’d like. Like I have a DEVONtech subdirectory in mine, just to keep any work templates segregated.

I created a copy parallel to the templates directory already before, but its content was not taken into consideration. How does Devonthink evaluate the language specifics? Do i not only need the copy but a specific folder structure? How otherwise should Devonthink distinguish the specific language? I created application support/devonthink 3/resources/de.lproj/Templates.strings. If i get you correctly, i could move de.lproj folder and contents to application support/devonthink 3/templates.noindex and then it shold get recognized?

DEVONthink gets the system language to determine what localized template to use.

If this is just for your use, why would you even need to localize it? Just create the file in your desired language.

If i create something useful, i would want to share it, and thus it should work then for english, german and other languages?

In an optimal case the documentation would describe how the localization works, and i would not need to ask such questions. Still i have the feeling i am asking the questions in the wrong way, as many aspects asked are not answered yet?

Maybe i just overlooked some documentation? I hope i do not anoy you with those questions. I simply try to understand some aspects of the product to make the most out of it for me.

Not annoying at all.

It’s not in the documentation as our experience is most people create templates for their own use.

I will answer more in depth once I wake up. :slight_smile: