Locate machine to deactivate seat / license

I have currently 4 DT3 seats running. Now, one machine gets replaced and I wanted to deactivate the seat in my user account. But now I see not the given machine name (I edited by hand after activating, and all looked clear and fine there) - just some hex-number-code - so, how to locate the seat activated on the current machine?

On the machine that gets replaced choose DEVONthink 3 > License > Remove. Or does this machine not work anymore?

Oh - perfect - did not know about this way. And the machine is still available, so no “try and error” :-). But it seems to be some kind of bug in the web interface. I edited the device names manually. But today again only some kind of hex-code (12 char long) are shown up for all seats. Maybe this can be fixed.

Thank you. This is an overly zealous mechanism that updates the names in the database with the name given to your Mac (or derived from it). We’ll make this a bit smarter.

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I have a similar problem but I no longer have access to a machine that currently is using one of my Devonthink seats. To be clear, the machine died. But the point is I can’t access it. Is there a way for me to deregister that machine so I can again use my second license?

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Have you tried logging in here, and deregistering the device? (Look under “Your licenses” section, this is where you can free up seats by removing devices no longer used.)