Locating files for upload at external website

One common thing I do often is uploading a file to a website. Often a site does not have drag and drop, and since the browser is not integrated with DT it opens the finder window instead, making it tedious to locate a file imported into DT. I wonder if any of you have a smart way to go about this smoothly? How cool it could be if one could upload directly from DT, switching from Finder window to DT in the process. I understand I can copy a file into an intermediate indexed folder, but then there is extra friction in the process.

Drag & drop onto the system’s open panel (I guess that’s what you call a Finder window) to choose the file is also possible.

Thank you! That works nicely and helps a lot.

I wonder if someone here has made a shortcut for copy location by selecting the file in DT + shortcut + then paste location into system’s open panel? Maybe that is what people are using Keyboard Maestro for?