Location Context in PDF Outline Menu

When you tap the outline menu for a PDF, it isn’t apparent where you currently are.

In the outline menu, bold or signify otherwise the current location of the current page. This is especially useful when you search to a position, then you want to understand the context of the tapped search result, according to its position in the outline. See pic.


Thank you for the suggestion. Noted.

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Note: There is a control to show what page you’re on.
Tap the PDF page and the thumbnail list appears.

Just in case you weren’t aware. :slight_smile:

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Got it and thanks @BLUEFROG. Sometimes while reading, it’s good to be able to see where the section you are in is in the context of all the other sections. For example:

Suppose I’m reading (better yet, searched to) the section labeled “Blue Frog” on the current page. I want to know where I am within the structure below, not just the page.

  • Nature
    • Animals
      • Frogs
        • Blue Frog
  • Communities
    • DT
      • Outstandings Help!
        • Blue Frog

Funny example, but you get the idea. Page isn’t very rich with information, especially if you linked to the place or searched to it.

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Noted and nice example! :slight_smile:

No promises, but we’ll pass your comments on to the PDF framework developer.