Location of DEVONthink sync store within Dropbox


I’ve had Devonthink Pro Office for a number of years but would describe myself as a superficial user. I use Dropbox to sync between DTPRO and DTTG. When I first set it up I wasn’t given the option of choosing where in Dropbox I wanted to keep the ‘DEVONthink Packet Sync’ so it ended up in the default location of /Apps/DEVONthink Packet Sync.

I’ve been tidying up My Dropbox folder structure which has slowly become unwieldy over time, and without thinking of the implications for Devonthink,got rid of the Root level ‘Apps’ folder, replacing it with two folders; ‘Application specific databases’ and ‘Data - by file type’. I’ve put the ‘DEVONthink Packet Sync’ folder in the root level ‘Application specific databases’. ‘Data - by file type’ will have specific folders within it for mindmaps, outlines, and plain text files that specific applications can hook into.

Erroneously, I thought I could just point DTPO and DTTG to the new location, but before I tried (and would’ve realised you can’t point it where you like), it seemed like Dropbox updated 10,000 or so files. I let it finish and then used DTPO which seems to be working fine. DTPO hasn’t changed the location of the packet sync within Dropbox.

Is it OK to change the location of the packet sync in Dropbox like I inafveenrtantly did? Are there any dangers with it? Will DTPO on any machine, as wel as DTTG on iOS devices just ‘find’ the packet syncs in Dropbox, wherever they have been moved to?

Thanks very much. Straightforward question, but I’ve given context to explain why I’ve done this.

No, you should never change the location nor the contents of the Apps folder. Apps are only allowed to access their own, registered folder and therefore won’t find any renamed or moved folders.

Thanks for the prompt and clear reply.

Now that I’ve already done it, do you suggest manually reconstructing the ‘Apps’ folder at the root level like it was before and placing the packet sync in its old location, or should I delete the packetsync in Dropbox altogether and start with a new and fresh sync using my DTPO database on my MacBook? In case it’s relevant, I haven’t used or changed my databases since this happened so I have no concern about losing recent data.

I would suggest to delete the old folder, to remove the sync location on the Mac and on iOS and to create a new sync store afterwards.