Location preference broken?

I just installed DT 1.6a on a new Mac and copied over my existing database files. I cannot change the location of my database using the Tools>Properties>Location preference. My database is only recognized if I place it in the default ~Library/Application Support/DEVONthink location. Did this feature get broken in 1.6, or am I overlooking something?

I keep my DEVONthink database files on a partition devoted to documents (for easier backup) and have not experienced a location-preference problem with 1.6a.  – Jim

Yes, this is a bug. To fix this, open the preferences file "com.devon-technologies.think.plist" in a text editor and look for the "DefaultDatabase" key. You should find something like this:

<string>~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink<string>

Just set the path to the location of your database, start DT and open the Properties panel to verify that everything is as expected.

That took care of it-thanks!

As of version 1.8.1a, this but seems to still exist for me. Further, it causes DEVONthink to crash when you try to set it more than once without quitting DEVONthink.

Same problem as reported by marianco with DEVONthink 1.8.1a. If I use the technique provided by cgrunenberg (Administrator), which is to write the database location into the preference file, then all is well.

There’s actually still a bug in DT 1.8.1b but the easiest way to set up the location in the meantime is to copy the DEVONthink database folder to a different location and replace the original folder with an alias pointing to the copied folder.