Locations added, but files not showing?

I added a number of folders as locations in preferences. Contrary to the previous entries, after indexing the number of items (files?) is not showing - why not? Are the new items included or not?

A screenshot might be useful.

both pdf and p were added, but show no files

Did you try updaing the index in the General preferences?

Yes, several times, and also quit and restart

Does DEVONsphere Express have full disk access, see system preferences?

yes it does

Where are these folders located and what’s in them?

pdf is under user/…/P/DOCs and contains mostly pdf, a total of 19 GB
P is a parent folder user/…/P mixtures of documents, Pictures, 40 GB in total

Please choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key to start a support ticket.

thx - just did