Locked Files Message

In transferring dbs from desktop to external HD, I received the following message:
“The operation can’t be completed because some items had to be skipped. For each item, choose File > Get Info, make sure “Locked” is deselected, and then check the Sharing & Permissions section. When you are sure the items are unlocked and not designated as Read Only or No Access, try again.”

  1. This is a strange message to me as I have never locked files or a db while using DT. (see image)
  2. “For each item, choose File > Get Info, make sure “Locked” is deselected” Now, how would this work? Do I open up the affected dbs and…? That is, how do I quickly get a listing of “Locked” files? The particular db is all text (mostly RTFs//PDFs + text)
  3. What I’ll do on my end is run a filter by Date Added and then hope I can find what’s locked.

Any tips would be most appreciated. Take care and enjoy.

What kind of filesystem does the external disk use?

Got it in one! I’d neglected to format the external HD. Oops!
Thanks for your prompt reply

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