locking group

So far whatever I tried to do in DTP worked smoothly.
It’s truly amazing!!
I am using it now for most of my notes now as well.
Some of my notes I would like to ‘hide’ or lock
But somehow there doesn’t seem to be a way of locking notes or a group.
(with a password or a key)
The little lock in info stops you from adding or deleting text.
The Database itself can be locked with a password but how can I secure one group in the database?
Or am I missing something…posting.php?mode=post&f=4&sid=8374f926735359afe30636c662d9725a#

The simple database password is not very secure.

For high-level security we recommend storing a database within an encrypted disk image, which allows 128 or 256-bit encryption. In such a case, do not forget your password. Your data will be lost if you forget it.

Currently, there’s no way to individually encrypt a document or group in a database.

In the future, in the 2.x series of updates, a procedure allowing encryption of individual documents or groups will be provided.

Remember, though, that user behavior could easily undermine such security. For example, you might not want to broadcast an open secured document via the Web Server, leave that document open on an unattended computer, or allow it to be Spotlight indexed. Not to mention using an easily guessed password, or even writing down the password on a sticky note pasted to your computer. :slight_smile:

We are into Ver. 2.4.3 … can’t find a way to lock either a document or group within a database. has there been any movement on this in the last 3 years?

I want DT to manage my emails, but not unless I can encrypt or lock-out that which is sensitive.