Log says "Couldn't upload 22 pending files" How deal with this?

I have just seen the entry in my log “Couldn’t upload 22 pending files”. See screenshot.

I have five databases. All files are indexed. DT3.7 on Big Sur M1 MBA, which is the Bonjour server to another Mac, and iPad and an iPhone.

How can I see what these 22 files were?

There are 25 files in my “Recently added” smart folder but these all seem to have synced across to the other Mac, iPhone and iPad.

The item count for all five (in Database properties) is identical on server and client Macs.

Is this an error that has resolved itself?


You can find them via a toolbar search for item:pending

Think I am being dim…that just seems to find files which contain the word “pending” ?

See Advanced search options after using the suggested search term, it’s indeed searching for pending items.

Sorry again…I dont see advanced search option after searching “pending”.

Also searching in DEVONthink help for “Advanced Search” does not find anything that fits.

Cancel that found advanced search

Did you exactly enter ìtem:pending?

Yes. This is what I am seeing now:

Nothing being found

Does the search return anything after opening all your databases?

All my databases are open.

Doesn’t the fact that that message no longer appears in the Log mean it has since then managed to upload the 22.

Supported by the fact that the search is not finding anything pending?

If there had been a glitch uploading 22 they would surely be from the most recent 25 files, which are definitely all synced across all devices.

That’s possible. Do your databases contain indexed items, where are they located in the filesystem?

The databases are entirely indexed items. The actual files are all in ~/Dropbox

In that case it’s up to the Dropbox client to transfer the contents of the files and this happened probably in the meantime.

Yes, would but DEVONthink report a Dropbox delay? seems surprising.

Can I ask a general question about such log messages? Are they persistent until the fault is cleared or do they get purged automatically after an interval.

IE does the fact that the message has disappeared from my log mean the pending condition cleared itself, or does it just mean that the log entry was cleaned at a regular interval?

Thanks for helping!

The Log panel is only cleared after restarting the application (or by the user on demand).

So a machine reboot would clear the log. So no clue there about whether the condition cleared it self.

I am inclined to believe that it did clear itself since the 25 most recent had all synced when I examined the situation several hours after the log entry.

The Log and the database (e.g. the pending flag) are independent. As soon as the Dropbox client app downloads missing/newer files the pending flags should be removed and therefore the message is not logged again but former logged messages should be still there as long as you didn’t restart the app or clear the log.

OK thanks. I will keep watch for any repeats. From your earlier reply, if I had done the advanced search for item:pending straightway I should have seen exactly what the 22 were.