Logseq + DT3 integration and workflow

Hey there!
Is there anyone who’s using both Logseq + DT3 ?
How do you integrate each other, and what’s your workflow ?


Great question & look forward to responses!

I use both. I absolutely loooooove working with logseq. I index only the 3 folders /journals /pages /assets, leaving out /logseq which is full of unnecessary files to index.

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Do you use the combo on mobile too with DTTG? How does it feel ?

Since Logseq has an iOS app, I use it, and it works great. On mobile I seldom use DTTG.

But if the Logseq folder is inside a DT database, how you instruct logseq on mobile in pointing to the folder ?

I do not import any logseq folder into Devonthink, I only index them. In that way they are staying in the default cloud folder, and I do not need to worry about syncing with mobile.

I apologize for my ignorance, I didn’t know It was feasible. How can I index without importing ?

In the official Help section in Devonthink under the category “Import data” you will find detailed instructions on how to Index and the difference to importing.


Please read and understand the In & Out > Importing & Indexing section of the built-in Help and manual bofore committing to indexing.

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