Looking for a way to handle Customer data (Phone Numbers etc


this is the way i am working ( i am an insurance agent )

I scan all my Contracts i get from my customers , and name them after the customer name and the contract number.

I would like now to link somehow a Phonenumber or email address to the contracts.

is that possible ?

If yes, how ?


Make a new plain text of rtf document with the information then add the link of the rtf to the URL field of the pdf of the contract. I would also tag both the contract and the rtf with the name of the client and a tag such as ‘client’ In addtions I would have a space in the rtf for the description of the contract and a link back to the contract

This means that if you have a contract open, clicking the URL field at the top of the document will take you straight to the associated rtf with the information about the client.

This has the advantage that if you have more than one contract for a client you can add the link to the information document to each contract. You can also by looking at the tag group for ‘client’ see all the notes with client information. If the client notes contain the description and link to the document its easy to merge and print out a list of all the notes and so get a list of all clients and their contracts.

You might also look at this thread and modifying the template if you wanted to automate the process.

[url]QuoteHighlight&Annotate script]