Looking for an good Outliner Software


Does Devontechnologies have an outliner software?

I am looking for software to help me organize my thoughts; to move lines around but not by cutting and pasting. I think Omni something has a product like this.

I am looking for an software that will help me organize my thoughts almost like a project manager but on a simpler level.

I currently use the Todoist, Evernote, iMindmap10 and DevonThinkPro Offic and I own but don’t really use iTaskX3.

The software I am looking for is to bring all the information together so I can organize it without having to cut and paste and where the information all integrates together.

I think the flow falls under an outliner type of software.

I would loved to be clearer if you have any questions.

Does DevonthinkTechnologies?

Can you recommend a product in this light I can investigate?

The very best,

We do not have an outliner. OmniOutliner is the most often mentioned application in this sphere.

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As Jim says, Omnioutliner is a god place to start.

You might want to browse around outlinersoftware.com - it’s a message board about outliners.

For what you do, Curio by Zengobi might work well

The best place to geek out about outliners: outlinersoftware.com/

I happen to like Ginko a lot: gingko.io/