Looking for an OAISTER plugin

I’ve been trying to write a plugin for the OAIster system (an database of 10 million digital objects, built via metadata crawling of various e-print and other digital repositories around the world.


My plugin right now looks like this but doesn’t work all that well. Wonder if anyone has worked one up?

Related question: Is there anyplace on the net that hosts a collection of DA plugins? Or offers additional documentation on the development process (beyond what’s in the DA help file?

– W. Grotophorst, Fairfax, Virginia

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> Description Searches for digital assets using OAIster (title field searched) EncodingUrl UTF-8 EngineUrl http://oaister.umdl.umich.edu/cgi/b/bib/bib-idx?type=boolean&size=_agentNumber_&rgn1=entire+record&rgn2=entire+record&rgn3=entire+record&c=oaister&searchfield=Entire+Record&q1=_agentQuery_&op2=And&searchfield=Entire+Record&q2=&op3=And&searchfield=Entire+Record&q3=&op6=And&rgn6=norm&restype=all+types&sort=title&submit2=search Identifier com.grotophorst.oaister.plugin Info by Wally Grotophorst LinksEnd end of results LinksNotMatching http://oaister.umdl.umich.edu/cgi LinksStart results start here Name OAISTER ParseLinks Start 1 Version 1.0

Tried to run this plugin over here but Oaister’s search is painfully slow and times out almost all the time.

Yes, it’s slow alright. It’s the kind of thing where I’d be willing to set a high timeout and just wait until it finished but that’s not the only problem I’m seeing. It’s faster here from my campus network in Virginia (so timeout’s not the dealbreaker). For whatever reason, I only get 20 hits when the same search through their native interface gets thousands. I set my agentNumber to 200 so I’d expect to see 200 at some point. I’ll keep tweaking and if I get there I’ll repost a working plugin.

Thanks for looking at it Christian.

– w. grotophorst

The plugin retrieves only page of results as no agentOffset (requires Start, OffsetPerPage and ResultsPerPage keys) is included in the EngineURL.