Looking for Server Setup Assistance for Mac mini

I want to transition my DevonTHINK account to a self-hosted server via a Mac Mini. I do not have a technical background and was hoping to find someone who may be willing to help me. I would be happy to pay for the assistance. Unfortunately, I am on a short timeline due to an upcoming move.


What do you like to archieve and what is your timeframe?


Thank you for the reply. I would like to convert to the DevonThink server version. I currently use Dropbox sync. My goal is to access my databases via a browser at work.

I would need to do it by tomorrow night.

It’s unclear what you’re asking here.

What is a a self-hosted server via a Mac Mini ?

do you use then VPN at work or do you think only the server edition will do it? The server edition is for accessing DT databases using Windows, Android devices but there is no server as such that runs on the internet alone.

Further you can host the DT Server version on a MacMini however, that needs to be accessible through the internet if you want use it at work

do you use the VPN at work or do you think only the server edition will do it?
No, the server edition will work well for the use case.

Sorry, I updated my post. I want to use the Deoncthink Sever Edition on my Mac Mini.

it will not work through the internet. How willl you access the MacMini?

No worries!

What’s your use case for using the Server edition? You have a Windows machine or Android device you’re trying to use?

I can remote into it.

I thought I could set up a Web Interface.

At work, I have Windows and Mac devices. I do not want to store any data on the device itself. I thining using the Server and Web Interface could be an option to be still able to access my data.

so you can access the MacMini remotely using the Internet - right? If so, you can browse to the website for DT Server with no problems.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, why aren’t you just running DEVONthink To Go and syncing the required databases with DEVONthink on the Mac? That’s part of the reason the app exists, so you can have a portable copy of your databases with you on the move.

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Setting up DT Server is eerily straightforward and doesn’t require any technical expertise. I can’t improve on the clarity of the instructions in Joe Kissell’s Take Control of DEVONthink 3 (pages 266–70), supplemented if necessary by pages 75–8 of the DT manual. But if you encounter any problems, the community here will do its best to make sure you’re up and running by your deadline. (I run DT Server on a 2018 Intel Mac mini under Catalina and it’s been brilliant. Quirky, but brilliant.)


Unfortunately, there are restrictions on what software can be added to my devices; I also prefer not to store any data on my work devices.

Thank you for the reply. I did review the latest manual, and based on what I read, I would feel more comfortable with someone setting it up for me.

Did you read the Take Control pages? I’d recommend starting there rather than with the manual.