Looking for some help working between iPad and Mac


I have a frustration I am looking to work through - this is not a complaint, I love DTPO and plan to keep using it for my Lesson Plans and Support materials

Here is what I am looking to do:

I have a lesson plan document that is rtf. it is just a basic table with Days of the Week as columns on top and my classes as rows… It works GREAT - I link my files making going from the lesson plan to actual teaching pretty seamless… my problem is that I cant edit it on the iPad! I can read it and follow the links, but not edit it. If I convert to one of the other formats to edit on the iPad, I lose the table! Is there a way to make something a table AND be editable on BOTH iOS and Mac?

(For now, I am doing the lesson plans as a Word Doc and thats fine - I can follow the links and edit in both places, but I need to open in word; not a deal breaker, but does anyone have any advice ??



Tables in RTF files are currently not supported. This should come in future releases but I can’t give you any timeframes on it.

DevonThink to Go has pretty minimal RTF editing tools. So when I need documents that are easy to edit on both Mac and iPhone, I’ll use Google Docs.

I add the URL for the doc to DevonThink, so on the Mac (not the iPhone alas) I can view and even edit the doc directly through DT’s interface. Not a perfect solution, but it works.