Looking for suggestion on a way to weekly export to devonthink a list of all music files from folder/music (iTunes)?

Hi all

I know this is a bit out there but would love to get some suggestion from the community on a way to weekly export to devonthink a plain text list of all my music files from either the music folder or even from music (iTunes).

would that way to have a “soft” backup of my files so that in case of a nuclear emergency where all my backups fail I can restore my music library. Does that make any sense :wink:?

should I need a script for that that runs in devonthink or keyboard maestro? What options do you guys think will work?



Hmmm… wouldn’t all backups of your databases also be wiped out in such cases? Or are your databases synchronized to cloud services?

hi again, I realized I may have not been 100% clear. I don’t want to backup the actual files but just a way to dump a list (text) of all music files into a simple text file that will be stored in devonthink. Does that make sense?



I didn’t try them but maybe these scripts are useful?


thx again

I ended up using keyboard maestro and a bash script inside a macro

#!/usr/bin/env zsh -f


zmodload zsh/datetime

TIME=$(strftime "%Y-%m-%d--%H.%M.%S" "$EPOCHSECONDS")

find "/Users/zeltak/Music/Music/Media.localized/" -type f -print | sort -f | sed G \
> "/Users/zeltak/BK/music.txt/Music-File-List-as-of-$TIME.txt"

exit 0

the question still remains for me, what’s the best approach for weekly moving these text files to inside DT? manually/automatically push them to DT or index externally?

thx a lot


You could use a weekly smart rule or reminder which executes an embedded AppleScript. And the AppleScript could execute the necessary shell scripts.