losing all structure when import

Just imported my database and there is no structure.
All the files are in one pile.


If you selected for Import folders in the Finder, your database should contain groups corresponding to those folders, and with the same contents as those folders. If, for example, the selected folder contains subfolders each of which contains files, the group created in your database should have the same structure of subgroups and documents.

But if instead you select for import only the file contents of a single-level folder, you will capture the files themselves and no group will be created in the database.

Please try another capture from the Finder. If you are using the menu command File > Import > Files & Folders, select a folder that contains files and confirm the Import. If you are working in the Finder, select a folder that contains files and drag the folder to the DEVONthink application icon in the Dock. Alternatively, if you are using DT Pro 2 or DT Pro Office 2 you can drag the folder to the ‘Inbox’ “place” in the left column of a Finder window, or to an inbox in the Sorter.

If the result of that capture is a flat collection of documents that are not in a new group corresponding to the folder that was selected in the Finder, there’s a serious problem that should be reported to Support. Something would be wrong with the software environment on that computer.