Losing focus from PDF document in tab

I’m trying to work on annoyingly large PDF document in one tab, and have a second RTF note open in another tab. Periodically, when attempting to highlight the text of the PDF, DT3.01 will suddenly lose focus, and instead of displaying the PDF, the view window displays “Two items selected”. Clicking onto the other tab displays the content of the single note selected for the tab, as expected. I had selected the two notes then used “open in tabs”, so the two items were originally selected, but also displayed in in individual tabs in the viewer pane.

It is possible a background sync process - likely due to changes you are making to the documents - may be affecting the selection in the current tab.

Do you ever see this when working on less “annoying” PDFs?

Could you please post screenshots before/after the selection change to “Two items selected”? Thanks.

It does seem to happen less frequently with a smaller PDF, but here it is before and after losing focus.


Notice that the title of the tab on the right disappears entirely.

Thank you for the screenshots! Does this still happen after disabling automatic sync in Preferences > Sync or automatic refresh of feeds in Preferences > RSS? Does it happen after manually synchronizing all databases?

I’ve set RSS and database sync to “manually” and will experiment today to see if the focus loss still happens. Thanks for following up on this.

Turning off and on sync seems to have stopped the issue for now. It has uncovered another small bug, that when switching between a PDF in one tab and an RTF in another tab, the PDF document keeps jumping back to earlier points, rather than retaining the last-viewed position.

Is the automatic refresh of feeds still disabled? And do your databases actually contains feeds?

Could you please screenshots before/after switching? Thanks.

Feed refresh is still disabled, and no, there are no feeds.

The positioning bug seems to be connected to selecting an annotation in the info pane. With two tabs open: click an annotation in the annotation pane to jump to that point in the PDF. Scroll down several pages, click in the main body of the PDF and select new text. Click over to other note (RTF) tab. Click back to PDF note tab, and the PDF has jumped back to the annotation, not the selected (even newly annotated) point of the PDF document.

The next release will fix this.