Losing tags

When I export (File and Doc) from my DB and import them to a new DB, I lose all my tags is that normal ?

When you say “all my tags” do you mean “all my tags in my database” or “all my tags on this document”?

DEVONthink normally exports and imports Finder tags. When you export a document, the internal tags are converted to Finder tags.

However, there is a “hidden preference” to prevent DEVONthink from exporting or importing Finder tags. See DEVONthink Help > Documentation > Appendix > Hidden Preferences.

The tags are in the new DB but the imported documents are not tagged !

I cannot replicate this here.

Do note: If you are using Group Tags (your Groups will appear yellow in the database), these will not appear in the new database unless it is also set to use Group Tags (see File > Database Properties > Exclude Groups from Tagging. This should be unchecked to use Group Tags).

If this does not answer the issue, please start a Support Ticket. Thanks.

Ok that is perfect now, thank you very much …Forgot to check the DB properties …

Glad to help. Cheers! :smiley: