Loss of a database

Devonthink 3 Pro

With the change to DT3 my 2 databases stopped opening automatically when I opened DT3. Often I got the note that it appeared that DB1 (and then DB2) were already opened and in use. When I clicked “continue” nothing happened. I could go to the database folder and double click on each of the DB by name, and I got that message but in that context “continue” allowed the opening of the db. I have now changed computers, reinstalled DT3, but now DB1 doesn’t open (as before) but can be opened by going to the database folder. But DB2.dtCloud, which is larger, doesn’t open in any circumstances. I suspect this is related to a not-entirely-sucessful attempt to have DB2 sync with my iPad via DTToGo. But how can I re-establish the link between my MACOS copy of DT3 and the normative version out there in the cloud? In addition, how can I can I get DT3 to open both databases whenever I open the app? (I did verify&repair, optimize, and rebuild, without joy). Not having access to DB2 is a serious problem and I need to solve it urgently. The problem of not opening—I’m tired of doing work-arounds. Thanks for any help. Kevin

You could select the database package in the Finder, show the package contents via the contextual menu and remove the file DEVONthink.lock if there’s one. Does it work afterwards?

DEVONthink should actually open them unless it crashed, you used force quit or after quitting it via the Dock menu (that’s a bug that will be fixed by the next maintenance release).

Hi and thanks for the reply
There is no “devonthink.lock” when I right-click the package that is DB2.

Yes, I had a bunch of crashes on the old machine. But when I succeeded in opening the file (on the old machine), next time the DBs didn’t appear.


Meaning that they were not opened on the old machine? How did you try to open them? Was anything logged to Windows > Log?

Meaning that when I opened DT the databases did not open automatically. I had to go to the folder “databases” and open them manually. I can live with that, but, as I say, DB2 is now just a ghost when I navigate there from DT and although it is not greyed out when I go to Databases from DT directly via the Finder on the new machine, it still will not open.

I suspect there are 2 issues here. 1) whatever caused the dbs not to appear on the old machine, requiring that they be manually opened. That is still causing problems on the new machine. But also (2) something to do with the fact that the DB2 was synced with the old machine. That’s what the “cloud” in the 2nd db means, I’m guessing–the “store” (I think they call it—always such poor nomenclature with DT) is in the cloud but accessible. On the other hand, in the finder it is identified as having 45GB, which is its real size. I guess I may have to go to support and open a ticket. This week has been very unpleasant!

But thanks for your help!