Lost folder structure after re-installation of macOS/ How to sync wit DTTG

Hello everybody,
I have re-installed a Time Machine back up of my whole Mac OS due to a hardware problem.
Now, I found the DT database flawed: after repairing the database, all my 9000 files have been “orphaned” - I completely lost the folder structure.
Luckily, I have synced the database via CloudKit to my iPad prior to reinstalling the system.
How do I get the database from my iPad to my Mac so save the folder structure?

Assuming that you didn’t already synchronize this broken database to the sync location used by the iPad, you could delete the database in DEVONthink 3, add the former sync location to Preferences > Sync and finally import the database from the sync location (see e.g. contextual menu in Preferences > Sync).

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