Lost imported Email

I dragged an email into DT3 via the Sorter, and attempted to put it into a folder but accidentally dropped it in a different folder. I’ve checked all of the surround folders for the email, but don’t see it. I’ve searched for various words in the email, but I don’t get any hits on it. When I look in the Today smart group, the email isn’t there either. I’ve tried to re-add the email, but Log says, “Skipped already imported email.”

Where is my email, and how to do I get to it?

When selecting the Today global smart group, make sure no search is active.

Hey Jim, there weren’t any active searches. I just checked in Recently Added, sorting by Kind, and only have 1 email listed. Unfortunately, it’s not the one that I dragged to the Sorter that I now can’t find. Bummer. :pensive:

By the way, I ran Verify & Repair, as well as Integrity Check, just to make sure that there weren’t any issues with the database, and none were found.

Do me a favor and open a support ticket. Thanks!

Have you checked it isn’t in the trash? Trash is routinely excluded from search, and mails in trash are not reimported until trash has been emptied…

Ah, very good idea, but alas it wasn’t there.

Though the email wasn’t in the Trash as @Blanc had suggested, I emptied the Trash, and tried dragging the email into the correct folder via the Sorter, and this time it was added with no error or issue. Very, very strange!

Indeed, that PS very strange.

I wonder if running the Verify & Repair or the Integrity Check found/fixed something that wasn’t logged?

The integrity check doesn’t fix anything. It only reports.
A verify and repair can fix some things, otherwise it just reports.

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