Lost in Bonjour!

Hi Folks,
I’m running DT3 on an Apple M2 Mac under Ventura (mainly because I had to since the update to Sonoma necessitated a fallback (what a pain that was!) since some of my s/w wouldn’t run under Sonoma),
I have an iPhone 11 with DTTG and and an older (Series 2) iPad ditto.

Network is 1000BaseT using a TP- Link Archer 2800.

Trying to sync Using Bonjour and DDTG.dtCloud and not succeeding.
I must admit that I cannot understand Bonjour. When defining local I get offered (myname)@ts-mac-mini but the local for my Mac is Beren.local. (?)

I’ve searched on the web with no success for Bonjour.

Can anyone please point me to some info on this so that I can find out where I’m going wrong?



Did you have a look at the section Synchronize > Bonjour in the help?

Thank you for that: it is quite succinct but despite the location being verified correctly it does not sync the database or the Global inbox so “summat’s up”!

I still don’t see why it uses the “ts-mac-mini” and not Beren?


The “DEVONthink Manual” and “Help” (which is same content) has full instructions for setting up a Bonjour sync, as does DEVONtechnolgies’ supplementary posting at Bonjour Simplified

Best not to rely on random web pages.

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