Lost my databases when connected to new Macbook

Hi there.

I just chose the ‘Sync’ option in DevonThink To Go, forgetting that I have a new Macbook Pro which I have not synced with before, so it asked would I like to sync/pair with new device, so said yes - but stupidly I did not read that it would loose the Databases on my iPhone - I thought it would merge.

Is there anyway I can recover some of the notes/files I had entered recently on my iPhone but not yet synced to my mac - in any form ?

I did have a quick look at the file system on my iPhone using iPhone Explorer and could see some of the DevonThink files but none of the old ones !

I also used iExplorer mac app to browse my last iPhone backup but unfortunately this was 3 weeks ago, so doesn’t seem to have my new text files.

Just hoping there’s somewhere on the iPhone that the deleted files will be. This is really important - so any help would be much appreciated.

The only thing I can think of is if you auto back up to iCloud. That’s done daily. But you’d have to do a complete restore.