Love TOCs for RTF (+ idea)

Thank you for including having the Table of Contents inspector work with RTF docs. Love it. This will be a time saver! Of course, you do all this work, and I immediately have a suggestion. (Sorry!)

TOC lists all sentences that are fulled bolded or underlined. It would be nice to have a preference to specify if those styles represented headings or subheadings, and then have the inspector show this difference. For example, putting some linespace above a heading to separate it, and making the subheadings italicized or indented.


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Thanks for the suggestion! It’s not yet clear how popular this feature will be and how many users actually use it, version 3.0.2 has just been released :slight_smile:


I LOVE this feature. Thank you. And I would find it VERY useful to use headings from styles as suggested above.


RTFs are one of my two favourite formats, going to try it now I know it exists!