Mac 1 syncs fine with WebDAV server, Mac 2 does not?

I have DEVONthink running on a MacMini, and a WebDAV server on that same Mac Mini. (The DEVONthink databases on the Mini are set to Sync daily to that WebDAV server, and do so with no problem). (The WebDAV server is to enable remote users to Sync).

I can sync databases from my Macbook air to the syncstore on the WebDAV server with no problem. I could also import more databases if I wanted to - the Sync panel “Import Database” shows the other databases on the WebDAV server as well). So it all works perfectly.

Other users have the same databases on their Macs. These will happy sync to the Mini using DirectSync, but none of them will work using the WebDAV server.

Trying to sync gives a “Could not verify the store structure (unauthorised)” error. If they try to “Import Database” it gives a “There was a problem fetching the remote databases” error.

I realise the "DirectSync database and the WebDAV syncstore database are two “different” files, so the Direct or WebDAV syncs are different. But on my Macbook I can happily sync direct, or via WebDAV, and despite copying the settings to the other DV users it does not work for them.

All our installations are separately licensed as well, so there should be no restrictions.

I am guessing that somehow my Macbook is “authorised” to connect to the WebDAV server, and somehow the other users are not. But I have no idea if this is so, and if there is a simple fix?

I have only one username and one password on the WebDAV server - and use the same on all systems. (Ideally to allow only one user at a time to sync). My Macbook can be off, but no other user can connect to WebDAV.

Any ideas or pointers?

Maybe it’s the same problem that is discussed here (in german).

Could it be that the Mac 1 is running DevonThink 2.5.x and Mac 2 2.6.x? WebDAV seems to be broken in 2.6 and 2.6.1.

This should be fixed in the next maintenance release.


I am having this similar problem with the latest 2.7.2 version of DTpro. I have sync’d a database to the webdav then set up the webdav location on my macbook and try to connect and i get the error that it can’t fetch the database when I try to pull the database down to the laptop. “there was a problem fetching the remote databases”.

any help/suggestions?

Please start a Support Ticket for this issue.