Mac App Store vs DT Shop

Can I ask why buying directly from DT shop is more expensive than from Mac App Store?

One example (in Euros because I’m portuguese):
DEVONagent pro
App Store - 49,99 € (total, including 23% VAT)
DT Shop - 44,70€ + 10,28€ (23% VAT) = 54,98 € (total)

Something wrong, no sense!

I could be wrong, but I think the app store prices are occasionally updated by Apple in response to currency fluctuations. As a result, if you compare the standard rates, there will probably be times when it is cheaper/more expensive to buy through the app store. But, there ought to be a deal somewhere for DEVONthink products that ensure you always pay less buying directly from DEVONthink. … aper-more/

And, even if there isn’t a particular deal at the moment, I think there is a running one all year for 25% off. … unity.html

I don’t think that is the situation. If you make the simulation on USD dollars you have the same result:
App Store - $49,99 (total)
DT Shop - $49,95 $ + $11,49 = $61,44 (total)

Just curious. Why does it matter? Buy at the lowest price.

Hi korm,

Why? Because I’m a student and I’m interested in the educational discount. For that, only buying on DT Shop. But the discount applied is almost non-existent because the application of the VAT on the announced value (unlike the App Store = total) results in a very close value from App Store (general value, not for students).
I just want to understand these difference, because, in general, I prefer to buy directly from the app producers. But in this case, requesting the academic discount seems not compensate enough.
The commercial strategies have their ‘logics’ but in this case I don’t understand them (and you can say “is not your business”, but my comment is intended to alert to this ‘illogical’ situation - on my view, of course).