.Mac Backup 3 doesn't like DT database

I have a 76mb DT database I’d like to back up to .Mac using Backup 3. There’s plenty of room but the backup fails every time on one of the hidden DT databases. I just get a ‘failed to upload’ message. If I deselect the DT database everything backs up fine. I seem to recall having problems with .Mac before with files that were packages. Maybe this is the same thing.

I’m not surprised, although I haven’t tried Backup 3 myself.

If you want to make backups of your DT Pro databases to .Mac, I recommend using the Script > Export > Backup & Archive script, which will make the smallest possible archive of your database, with the backup date appended to the filename.

The script will ask for a destination of the archive. If you wish, select iDisk > Documents as the destination. Otherwise, if you choose a destination on your hard drive, simply copy the archive to the iDisk Documents folder afterwards.

Note: Do NOT select the iDisk > Backup folder as the destination, as that is intended for use only by the .Mac Backup software, which you are not using in this process. You will almost certainly encounter some sort of unexpected behavior if you try to use the Backup folder manually. Most certainly, don’t try to run a DT Pro database from iDisk/Backup/, as it will be read-only.

Thanks for the tip. Since it seems to be doing a local backup to my external Firewire drive I guess I won’t worry to much. Doesn’t seem to be a problem locally for some reason.