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Continuing my deep dive into how I can best use DT, thanks to many responses here I now have a large database sitting happily on my Mac. The DT database on the mac does NOT have username or password filled in, relying on the iPhone for the security.

As I was setting DT up I enabled iCloud (CloudKit) syncing and it says it is synced.

Later, I added DE To Go to my iPhone and set up a Bonjour connection to more rapidly do the initial sync than through iCloud. I provided encryption key for the local iPhone store for security. The sync finished and all appears well :slight_smile: .

Now though, I want to enable syncing through iCloud (CloudKit) so that it will occur when I’m not at home in range of Bonjour.

  1. Can I enable both Bonjour and iCloud (CloudKit) syncing at the same time, to enable faster sync at home but continuous sync over the Internet?

  2. When I attempt to enable iCloud (CloudKit) on the iPhone it gives me a message “Invalid Encryption Key”. But I’m not sure which key its looking for, or where I may have entered it.

DT is incredibly powerful, but with such power comes The Learning Curve…


  1. Yes you can have both enabled.
  2. It’s only looking for the value you used when you initially synced. If you didn’t use one, don’t enter one.

DT is incredibly powerful, but with such power comes The Learning Curve…

The Learning Curve is largely mythological or it’s relative to one’s expectations. (And expectations often need to be managed or corrected.) If you can use the Finder, you can use DEVONthink.


Well, here’s the thing: When I enable iCloud (CloudKit) sync on DTTG, it tells me its an incorrect encryption key, but it never tells me WHERE to put the key that I used when establishing iCloud (CloudKit) sync on the mac…

When you enabled the sync location it showed you the sync location info, including the place to enter the encryption key. Nothing was hidden in the process.

Go into the Settings > Sync: Locations, tap Edit, then the sync location. Enter the key in both fields and save the change.

Here’s my problem finding out where DTTG wants the encryption key. Following your instructions I get the following 4 screens. It’s the last one that has be wondering where to go to resolve the missing encryption key:

This shows Edit next to the sync location…

You should be tapping that.

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Having tapped the Edit button I get.

If I turn OFF the Global Inbox and Financial Documents… databases on that screen, when moving to it I get a similar by different message:

But I still do see any indication of where to enter the encryption key.

There are two Edit buttons, the second being the one I indicated in my screen capture. There is one to edit the sync locations, then one for each sync location.

OK, I was finally successful. Thanks BlueFrog.

You’re welcome!