Mac not syncing over CloudKit

I have been having syncing issues on my Mac for the past few weeks. This is SO frustrating and has happened now across three different database re-starts, four different Macs, and three different cloud syncing services.

This time around I am using CloudKit. Things have been mostly fine since the fall, but I noticed the syncing stop a week ago. I went to the preferences, navigated to sync, and it turns out my two Mac databases haven’t synchronized since late March.

I have tried unchecking and rechecking sync for the database, but nothing happens. When I try to quit DT, it says “Completing synchronization” in the lower-left corner but indefinitely hangs and requires me to force quit.

Has anyone been through this? I would love to know the best way to fix it and ensure that my two iOS devices also permanently stay in sync without me needing to do maintenance every few months.

Did you verify the sync store, were any issues reported?

I did. There were no issues reported.

indefinitely hangs

How long is “indefinitely” ? Did you give it 10 minutes, three hours, … ?

Last night, I just left it running for a few hours and it was still in the same state when I returned.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.