Mac OS Sonoma 14.0 - Menu Sticking

Have a menu sticking problem.

Menu is not responding since update to Sonoma 14.
Menu tabs open - but cannot select items - and menu stays open - from main menu bar in MacOS

Anyone else experiencing this problem ?

This is a known glitch of Sonoma, the next maintenance release of DEVONthink will include a workaround.

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If the workaround fixes it, what does the name matter?
I guess it’s no fun to fix something that Apple silently breaks, so a bit of patience and politeness might be in order.

And Sonoma is not even officially released.


The only menu issue I’m having since the RC release is the View menu. It no longer works.

see @cgrunenberg from DEVON technologies above.

Not for me – neither in software updates nor in the App Store. And it was announced for September 26. Very unlikely that Apple releases before the announced date.

If the key issue is a bug in Sonoma, how can DT fix it? I’m not saying that it is a bug in Sonoma, but in that case, a band aid would be all that could be offered by another party.


It’s still only the beta (or rather the release candidate). Even if Apple calls it 14.0. But I agree that this dialog is confusing.

Also, it seems that the menu system has been completely rewritten:

That might or might not be related to the glitches.

The workaround is confirmed in the internal beta and 14.0 (23A339).

Just for the record, I also interpreted your tone in this thread as very rude.

You’ve chosen to run a beta version of macOS. If you discover a bug in software that you’re running on that operating system, you should report it using the appropriate channels, and then can reasonably expect that it will be fixed by the time the operating system is officially released (that’s 26 September for Sonoma).

Arguing with people and posting sarcastic videos is not helpful.


Has the problem been solved in the meantime? Can I expect a smooth workflow after an upgrade to Sonoma?

Several months ago.

Personally I would recommend to stay on Ventura if there’s no real reason to upgrade. All Sonoma versions had various smaller and larger issues, Ventura is more mature.