Mac Safari DEVONthink 3: Capture Web Archive is not working

Nothing happens after clicking
After waiting several minutes, there is no new file in devonthink
Take PIain Note can work
Please help me, how should I troubleshoot this problem

In which app did you try this?


Which version of macOS do you use?


I’d say: Big Sur. Catalina is still on Safari 13.x

Is this a beta of Safari 14 for Catalina? Because @chrillek is right, the current version on Catalina is 13.1.2.

I am not using the beta version

About a few days ago, I was still using this feature normally

Safari 14 for Catalina is out (according to “the web”). May be it got silently installed.

Update: It’s indeed available for Catalina:

Are there other ways to achieve
Capture Web Archive for selected content

I’m not sure what you’re really doing. The screenshots you posted first are not from Safari but from Preview. You apparently had a PDF open, selected some text in it and then chose to save this text as “Webarchive” in DT. Which is, methinks, pointless. I do not see the relation to Safari that you mentioned in the title of this thread.

I don’t know and I would discourage you to use webarchive at all. Apple has deprecated it, it was never used on any other platforms anyway. There’s markdown, there’s PDF. And both are, IMHO, a lot better suited to capture content than a format that depends (and tries to execute!) Flash, JavaScript and the like.
As to “for selected content”: Webarchive was meant to capture complete webpages, i.e. HTML with possibly links to images etc. Using it for the current selection does not make any sense IMHO.

On a side node: Webarchive in DT 3/Safari 14 seems to work here with the share menu from Safari’s left most menu (“Ablage” here, not sure about the english name). I tried it with two websites without any problem.

I am operating in Safari
Because i can only post a picture
So I opened the two pictures with the preview, and I took the screenshot again

Yes, I should also use pdf to capture content
Thank you

If you meant 我只能上传一张照片:

You can upload as many pictures as you want, I guess (I stopped at the 2nd one here).
In any case, text snippets as Webarchive make no sense. If you just want the text you could go for a text note or a formatted note. Makes a lot more sense than PDF, in my opinion.

Okay thank you

I’ve just installed Safari 14 and tested this, it seems to be a bug of Safari. It claims to provide a web archive, therefore the service is enabled but actually it doesn’t provide the necessary data.

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Broken heart

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For my Computer > Safari > Services > “DEVONthink 3: Take Rich Note” doesn’t do anything—just “beeps”



Safari 14’s support for certain services seems to be completely broken, only plain text seems to work. Even creating a new document in TextEdit via services doesn’t work.

I’m having the same problem with Safari 14, The DEVONThink 3 Take Rich Note service no longer works. (macOS 10.15.6)