Mac store versions and choice paralysis

Since the Mac App Store opened, it’s been my policy to buy from there wherever possible so that I can install on all Macs in my household.

Having tried the demos of DT Personal and DT Pro Office, I prefer DT Pro Office. However the Mac App Store has DT Personal and ABBYY Fine Reader but no other versions of DT.

If I get DT Personal and ABBYY Fine Reader, then I miss out on some of the scanner / OCR integration, and I also miss the DT features that are not in Personal. My Epson scanner actually doesn’t work with DT Pro Office, but a scan from it can be OCR’d by DT Pro Office successfully.

So - do you have plans to bring the DT Pro Office product to the Mac App Store? Or produce some kind of plugin or upgrade to turn Mac App Store DT Personal + ABBYY into DT Pro Office?

Unfortunately Apple’s rigid rules for the Mac App Store prohibit us from publishing DEVONthink Pro Office as it is without sacrificing many key features such as integration with Apple Mail, the embedded ExactScan, and loading the huge OCR engine on demand (and not re-downloading it again with each update.

We have plans on bringing DEVONthink Pro Office to the Mac App Store but this requires a substantial amount of energy and also depends partly on Apple.