Mac synced old state to Cloudkit - current state still on second mac - undo possible?

My second Macbook (DT3) synced an old state of at least the most important DB to iCloud (Cloudkit). The old state has subsequently appeared on DTTG.

The current state is still present on my first Macbook (DT3). Here I turned off sync to avoid receiving the old state as well.

What is the best way to “force” upload the current state from my first Macbook and sync it back to the other devices?

I haven’t use my second Macbook in a while. When I ran DT3 yesterday the DB had all been marked as locked (-> possibly opened by other app). I opened the DBs nevertheless, as there’s no other instance of DT. I assume my second Macbook ran out of power and shut down the app not graciously.

I have added some docs before I realized that the second Macbook did not sync the new state. There might also be some changes from before the app was shut down hard. Any ideas on how to preserve this? Any suggestion appreciated!

What kind of sync location do you use? In case of sync stores (e.g. CloudKit or Dropbox) please clean the sync store first (see contextual menu in Preferences > Sync), then upload the current databases(s) on the second Mac. You could also directly copy the latest database(s) first from one Mac to the other one.

Thank you for the quick help. Just let me clarify:
Mac A: Current DB
Mac B, Cloudkit, iPhone: old DB

  1. On Mac B / iOS: Clean sync stores: Prefs/Sync > right-click on remote + local DB > “Clean DB” (for each DB)
  2. On Mac B / iOS: Turn off sync
  3. On Mac A: Prefs/Sync > Turn CloudKit Sync back on → Starts upload
  4. On Mac B / iOS: Turn on sync → Starts download

I guess, I have to manually look for any updates on the old DB, that have occurred before the sync broke. Any tipps? Search all by “Date modified”?

In this case Mac B would merge the locally existing old database with the latest one which was just uploaded to CloudKit. It’s probably better to enable the duplication in case of conflicts on both Macs in Preferences > Sync therefore first.

But as it’s unclear whether the result will be the desired one, please backup up your databases on both Macs first (e.g. create a copy or Zip archive in the Finder).

Unfortunately, the delete and sync process reproduced the situation (old state on MacB / iOS / iCloud).

The next step would be to delete the local DB files on Mac B / iOS and start over.

Before deleting I would manually look for post-fork updates on Mac B / iOS. Any hints on how to do this?

It would be interesting to find out what corrupted the dates on Mac B.

I assume that this was cause by an “emergency” shut-down after leaving the machine to long in standby without charger. Does this make sense?

No, this shouldn’t affect any relevant data. Did you verify the databases on both Macs, were any issues reported?