MacLink Plus Connection?

OK, maybe this is a crazy idea but if it worked it would be outstanding I think. In the preferences have a check box for whether MacLink Plus Deluxe is present on the computer. If it is, then the option is available upon file import to have unknown files be processed through MacLink into a form recognizable by DT, with subsequent automatic import into DT.

This occurred to me tonight as old WordPerfect reports were being imported into DT and I wished they would show up as RTFs. So I had to manually process a few of them through MacLink.

Is this possible?


We have already tried to contact the MacLink Plus folks but they haven’t even cared to respond. It seems they don’t talk to everybody :imp: But, anyway, we’re still after them :slight_smile:



As a point of note – MacLink Plus Deluxe 15 is AppleScript scriptable. A quick glance in the dictionary shows:

translate alias – the file you wish to translate
[to alias] – the destination file or folder
[wp format AmiPro 2 document/AmiPro 3 document/AppleWorks 2.x document/AppleWorks 3 document/AppleWorks Mac 5 document/AppleWorks Win 5 document/AppleWorks Mac 6 document via AppleWorks 5/ClarisWorks Mac 1 document/ClarisWorks Mac 2 document/…] – the word processing format you wish to translate to

Indeed, I see no reason why someone who’s more proficient at AppleScript than I am couldn’t write a comprehensive script for importing anything that MacLink Plus can identify into DEVONthink’s own database as RTF.

Anyone interested in working on this …?