macOS Updates and corrupt database

Hi all,
I have my mac configured that security updates are installed automatically.
Sometimes I let my mac running in the evening and dtp open. Than an update comes up, get installed and reboots the machine. This always corrupts my database, because dtp was quitted correctly. I do not know why. Any ideas for solving this problem without disabling the automatic update mechanism?


You’d need to quit DT when you’re not using it in order to prevent this, because DT needs to close properly?


Hi MsLogica,
thanks for the feedback. I understand that quitting the application is very important for DT.
But I do not understand why the little red dot of the windows only close the windows and do not quit DT. This makes more sense in my point of view. There already application under macOS which exactly do that (e. g. Apple “settings” app).

That’s the behavior for many apps on macOS (not all, though): Clicking on the red dot closes the window, but not the app. Or, differently: An app is not closed automatically when its last window is closed. To try it out: Pages vs. AppStore. The first stays open even without any window, the second doesn’t.

I find that irritating, too. Especially as it’s never clear if an app behaves like that or not. Just use Cmd-Q to terminate the app – that’s the same everywhere, also with DT.

That one terminates if you click the red dot. It does not, though, if you simply close the window with Cmd-W. Pages stays open regardless what you do to close the last window. Where are the times when Apple was the ideal of UX? Consistency, discoverability, all down the drain.

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Thanks @chrillek, I was about to reply the same. That’s the behaviour of nearly every app on MacOS and seems to be default Mac behaviour, it is not app specific (Settings is a bad example because it’s part of MacOS, not really “an app”). It was one of the first things I had to get used to when I switched operating systems many years ago.

A couple of the apps I use do quit completely when you close the window, but they’re in the minority and I’ve not worked out any logic behind it. (And actually that annoys me more now, since it’s not expected behaviour :joy:)

But I do not understand why the little red dot of the windows only close the windows and do not quit DT.

There’s nothing strange or wrong here. Applications with multi-window support don’t require a window when they’re running. An application like System Settings has only one window and no ability to open a second one, so logically it quits when the window is closed. Technically, DEVONthink can run with no visible windows.

Also, your database isn’t corrupted. Actually corruption is an uncommon thing with our databases. The warning prompt you see says nothing about your database being corrupted.


That may be “logical” (though I’d rather call it a concept or so). But why would a user know or care about the “multi-window” support of an app? From my pov, the apps react differently to the same interaction.

Ask Apple. It’s their implementation. :wink: