Magic Hat has stopped working with Excel files

Hi - When I click on an EXCEL file .xlsx the magic hat (see also & classify) icon does not appear. This used to work!

I have tried the basics of restarting, reinstalled DTPro, but did not want to do a complete uninstall & reinstall as that would involve a lot more work to reestablish the links to dropbox for online sync etc.

Any ideas how I can get this working again?



Thanks for the report! We are looking into the issue. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Which version of Microsoft Office do you use?

Excel version 15.37

Version 2.9.15 is unfortunately incompatible to Spotlight plugins not yet supporting 64-bit (like the Microsoft ones), the next maintenance release will fix this.

  • What is the probable timescale until the next release?

  • Note - WORD files work ok (from same version of OFFICE).

Suddenly realise how useful the “See Also & Classify” button is when it stops working…

The various applications in Office are not written by the same group of developers, so functionality in one won’t necessarily be found in the others. (This is true of the Adobe Suite as well.)

Later this year but probably not this month.

Hi - any update on when we are likely to see a fix for this. As already pointed out by another user, this also means that the search does not work on the content of Excel files.

I use Excel a lot, so DTPro is now seriously slowing down my work-flow.


The next maintenance release will be probably available later this month.


v 2.9.16 does fix this, but you have to REBUILD DATABASE.

Also re-enables searching contents of Excel files (which is obviously linked to the auto classify function / magic hat)

Rebuilding is one possibility, exporting and reimporting the files another one (and usually faster).