Magnifying glass for text selection in DTTG!

DTTG is horribly prone to crashing and/or locking-up when trying to create or edit an .rtf note, but I’m intrigued to see the text-selection magnifying glass there, as in days of yore. Is this standard iOS api stuff or DT proprietary shoe-horning? I have been so missing it since iOS 13 stupidly got rid of it.

Unfortunately, however, the moment you do use it, it all goes south: tap ‘select’, there are no selection handles, so you can’t actually do anything, really - it locks up with just about any operation. But the idea is good!

I do hope DTTG gets rid of these awful rtf bugs. Then I can stop indexing my Keep It folder in DT3 for anything ‘portable’.

iOS Development would haev to comment on the re-appearance of the magnifying glass.

PS: It is well known that rich text is not a mobile-native format, so third-party frameworks have to be employed to support them. The next major version of DEVONthink To Go will be focused on better text editing.