Mail Add to Inbox of current database?

I’m pretty happy with the major refresh of DTP3—I have two major databases (work and home) that are 10+ years old and are in the several-gigabyte range, nothing else could handle them.

One thing I do constantly is use the Add to DEVONThink mail extension, which (miraculously) is still working in Catalina and DTP3. Except… DTPO2 had three options for handling imported items: Global In Box, In Box of Current Database, or Ask. DTP3 seems to have dropped the middle one.

I routinely have three or four databases open at the same time but my Mail→DB actions are exclusively to a single database. Is there any way to get that setting back? The activation and extra keystroke/mouse press every time hits productivity.

No, this is no longer possible. In fact, we had many people confused by the Inbox of current database option, or they felt it was unproductive to “have to check what database was frontmost”.

The request is noted, with no promises, of course.

You could actually use a smart rule to move emails right after importing to the desired database, therefore you wouldn’t even have to worry about the current database or whether the desired database is open like in version 2.