Mail Archive with IMAP Account and 45K email

I’m new to DT3 and I am still evaluating the trial version. I have years worth of email (45K+) and I am attempting to use the input pane and either archive or import all of those email. I installed the Apple Mail plugin, but when I click on the folder tree in DT3, I get the gray spinning asterisk wheel and it never stops. I let it go for over an hour and still nothing. I have an MS Outlook app installed on my Mac, so I configured that for IMAP and it does the same thing. Is it stuck or is it just so incredibly slow that it might take hours or days to show the email?

I’m all ears for a better or faster way to import the email.

thanks in advance

Anything reported in Window > Log?

Just minutes after I posted this, the initial retrieval finished! So it did take a while, but with Outlook at least it did finish. There is a limit of how many emails can be archived with the Trial version, but that finished pretty quickly.

Simultaneously I saw that I can export mail from Apple Mail to an .mbox file. Is that a quicker and better way to import mail into DT3? ie, export to .mbox and then inport into DT3?

I wouldn’t say it’s better but it’s certainly a useful alternative in some situations.

Does it make sense from a number of files perspective to have all of the email in a .mbox and have that residing in DT3? When I was playing around with EagleFiler, I noticed that it imports all email into one large text file. I thought that was an interesting approach.

If you import an mbox file into DEVONthink, it will create individual .eml files, not a large singular file.

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