Mail attachment

Hi Community,
I have noticed recently that when I attach files directly from DT to a mail (Apple Mail), the file is displayed in the mail, but the recipient does not see it as an attachment. Do you have any findings on this? Does anyone else know of this problem? If I copy the file to the desktop, everything works fine!
Thank you very much!

You don’t explain how you “attach files directly…”.

When I use MacOS’s Finder to locate the file, then drag it from there into a mail under construction, it works as expected by putting the entire file into the draft mail. Then (and I confirmed this), the recipient of the mail will see the file as an attachment.


I “share” the file via right click or drag and drop. Both times directly from the application without going through the Finder.

Beats me. Sorry That’s not how it works for me, drag/drop from DEVONthink 3.8 into an up to date Apple Mail and MacOS 12.0.1

As a test, export the file from DEVONthink to, say, the ~/Desktop then use Finder to drag and drop. If it works or not works, should provide a clue. Maybe some setting buried somewhere.