Mail import causes crashes/errors on DT Pro Office 2.7

I use the OS/X mail import a lot and but now that I upgraded to 2.7 of DT Pro Office I find it’s causing too many errors and even crashes DT. In a nutshell it’s made DT unusable for me until I can get this fixed.

At first I thought I had a bad install of the Mail plugin so I deleted it from my ~/Library/Mail/Bundles directory, restarted mail and retested. It still fails to import without errors.

Then I thought it might be a problem with my database (even though it worked under the prior release) so I did a Verify and repair. It did find an number of items to repair but again it still fails to import without errors.

A bit of info:

My prior release of DevonThink Pro Office was the latest update prior to 2.7 (I don’t remember the number but I always keep my SW up to date).

My release of OS/X is 10.8.5

The errors all seemed related to email’s, including old ones.

I don’t have a log file or message because the log messages scroll by very fast and are very numerous and when I clicked on save it hung for so long that I had to kill DR and one time it crashed. I don’t know if the DT logs are kept anywhere, I did look but was not able to find them.

Any suggestions on how to debug or fix this would be appreciated.


Bill Krueger

Please open a Support ticket. Describe the issue. You will find Log files in the Console app (Applications > Utilities > Attach the recent DEVONthink Pro Office crash report and the Console logs related to the time of a Mail import attempt to the ticked.

[size=85]Revised. I discovered my boot drive was damaged and needed repair. One of the damaged areas was a DEVONthink database. I believe the slowness was due to the damage.[/size]

It took 3 seconds for the notification of capture to DEVONthink Pro Office 2.7, selecting today’s Mail message from DEVONtechnologies announcing updates.

I’m running OS X 10.8.5 on a MacBook Pro Retina with 16 GB RAM (6,031 MB free at the moment), 330 GB free space on the SSD.

korm, could you see how long it takes to capture the same message, using the Mail plugin? How much free RAM was available?

for what it’s worth:

I tested every way, 2gb RAM free at the time of testing:

  • message export via scripts attached to rules (exclusive method here)
  • message export via > menu bar > message > add messages to DtPO
  • mailbox export via > menu bar > mailbox > add mailbox to DtPO
  • message import from DtPO via > menu bar > file > import > email
  • mailbox import from DtPO via > menu bar > file > import > email

All went fine and fast within seconds as it used to be. OS 10.8.5, iMac Intel Mid 2007, 4 GB RAM, DEVONthink Pro Office v2.7.
I updated from within the app and the only unusual thing I did after updating was rebooting my Mac for no special reason other than it had some weeks uptime.

Only thing there that may be worth mentioning: I do not store messages in Apple Mail, they all go to DEVONthink Pro Office. Every some days I empty the Apple Mail’s trash, so typically there are just a few hundred messages in Apple Mail.


Thanks for reminding me about the Console app. I was able to find the crash and hang files but I didn’t see any specific DevonThink log files so what I did for those is carve out the DT portions of the system.log file.

Also, I had already opened a Issue in your system but I failed to successfully copy the issue number. Should I zip this up and send them to the support email, using the title of the issue (which is the same as this forum’s title)?



Bill Krueger

Yes, please attach and send the new information. It’s best if you use the current ticket to append the new information, rather than a different ticket number.

Right, except I don’t have the original ticket number and I wasn’t going to confuse things by opening a new one. I expected to get an email from support but that hasn’t arrived yet so I have no way of knowing what the ticket number is. I’ll go ahead and wait, the support page says it can take two days to get an email back. Of course that means I won’t be able to use DTPO for a little while longer, unless you can suggest a way I can find that out. After two days I’ll open a new ticket.



Good news (for me :smiley: ). I sent the crash and hang dumps to support, a week later I see the availability of the 2.7.1 update. I tried it and I’m no longer getting the errors. I’ve told support it’s fixed so they can close the issue and thought I’d mention it here in case it helps someone else.