Mail Import in DT Pro

Just a really simple tip:

The include Applescript for importing a selected message in Mail into DT Pro is really nice. Except it doesn’t specify a database. It’s easy enough though to do that. Just add a line in the script, something like:

tell application "DEVONthink Pro" to open database "/Users/username/folder/YourDataBase.dtBase"

I’ve automated the process even further (now that Apple has broken the ability to assign shortcuts to scripts) by creaeting a QuicKeys macro specific to Mail that performs this script.

It’s incredibly handy. You could even have multiple scripts that import the selected message(s) into the DT Pro database of your choice.

Another tip to import only selected mailboxes in the front window. This is handy if you have zillions of mails and don’t want to import them all. Open [color=red]_Mail Import.scpt file inside Addressbook & Mail in your DT script folder and change the last part (the tell block below [color=red]exportMailboxToDEVONthinkPro) to:

tell application "Mail"
		set selectedMailboxes to selected mailboxes of front message viewer
		repeat with theMailbox in selectedMailboxes
			my exportMailboxToDEVONthinkPro(theMailbox)
		end repeat
	end try
	tell application "DEVONthink Pro" to hide progress indicator
end tell


Would you guys mind duplicating your posts into the Scripting topic area?

It makes me happy to see neat tips. :smiley:

Sure. Hopefully more people will chip in.

Great stuff here! Thanks. Is there a little script that helps with attachments to email messages? I’d like an option to import attachments as files (to a database or a folder) and not as large blocks of text. Or if that is not possible, to choose not to import attachments at all.
Thanks for all help.

As Bill implied earlier, let’s use the Scripting subforum for script-related topics. Thanks!