Mail import issue

Trying to set up mail import from Apple Mail to archive mail in DT using the plugin.
DT3 3.9.2
MacOS Ventura 13.4.1 (c)
MacBook Pro M1 14" 2021 32GB

  • DT mail plug-in is installed
  • DT has full disk access
  • Privacy & Security - Extensions - Sharing - Add to DT3 enabled [don’t think this is needed with mail plug in, but it is enabled anyway for other use]

Separate new DT3 database set up for email import.

Help file says: " In addition to speeding up the transfer of email messages from Apple Mail to DEVONthink, the plugin adds an Add to DEVONthink 3 command to the Mailbox and Message menus of Apple Mail."

Add to DT3 is not appearing in menus. Have restarted computer and checked.

Right-click on a mailbox in Mail offers the usual “Export Mailbox…” option to export the mailbox. But going direct to DT3 would be better.

I expect I am missing something obvious. Suggestions please.

Thank you!


And enabled in Mail’s preferences?

Thank you ! That’s it!

Mail - Settings - General - then click on “Manage Plug-Ins…” button at the bottom of General tab.

I looked for a “Plug Ins” tab and didn’t find one, then didn’t think to check for a button in another tab.


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A search in the forum would have told you that, too.