Mail import: setting label colours

I am trying to import from Apple Mail into DTPO and to set label colours for flagged and high priority messages. I have selected the label colours in DTPO Email Preferences, but this has no effect on the labels of the flagged and high priority messages after import, which remain colourless. I have tried drag and drop, import from DTPO and Add from Mail, to no avail. Should I be doing something different? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
I am using 2.0pb7, Mail 3.6 and OS 10.5.7

It works over here but you may need to use the Mail plugin (see Help > Install Add-ons…) to get this data over from Mail. Through drag and drop it will not work for flagged messages since this is metadata that is not present in the message itself.
And what do you see in the Console (found in Applications > Utilities) when you search for “DEVON”?

Many thanks - I installed the Mail Plugin with a previous 2.0 beta, but I guess Install Add-ons has to be run for each new beta; doing so, corrects the problem that I had and messages are now labelled as expected.