Mail Import Suggestion

I’m trialing DTPO and am trying the mail import function. Unfortunately, the default seems to be trying to index my Apple Mail and I can’t break out of it. I WANT to be importing from Outlook though.

Seems to me there should be a “Which mail do you want to import from?” dialog that should proceed the endless “waiting for apple mail…” email importer that I’m currently stuck with.

Seems like I’m going to have to force quite DTPO and I REALLY don’t like doing that to Databases. Bad things tend to follow.

Loving the software though!


DTPO doesn’t index anything by default. I’m confused.

Sorry - I mean the word “index” more casually than specifically than the “indexing” feature which adds a file or folder to the DVT database while leaving it in it’s original location ( a shortcut/symbolic link rather than a new copy in the database ).

Turns out that DTO is just defaulting to the OS default mail client, whichever that one is. I had to go into the Mail preferences and set it to Outlook rather than mail. I’ve got a couple of spam accounts in my Apple mail with 1000s of emails in the inbox. It looks like DVT was trying to read them load the messages and read their metadata ( index) in the import window before it was able to display anything.

I had to force quit DevonThink, change the mail preferences and then the import from Outlook was better. Still trying to figure out the best way to get all my data into DevonThink. I’m sold on the idea, it’s just going to take a lot of work moving from a PC based Outlook to a OSX based DevonThink.

It would be great if we had a better way to do that transition. I get it’s an OSX limitation since Microsoft doesn’t product a metadata filter natively to spotlight, but it’s still annoying. :slight_smile: