Mail on iPhone and DTP

When I’m working on my laptop, it’s easy for me to take emails and slide them over to the DT tab. Is there a way to send emails to DTPro from my iPhone?

With Omnifocus, for example, I set up an email address that automatically moves an email to my Omnifocus inbox…no matter where I send it from. Does DT have anything similar?

This is probably a newbie question. Forgive me. And by the way, I’m starting to “get” DTP a lot better over the last month or so, though I’ve owned it for a couple of years.


Robb Hogg

Not directly, no.
However, it would be easy enough to use a Mail Rule and our Mail Rule Scripts in Apple Mail on the Mac. It just takes a little creative thought.

Here is a simple example:
Note, the only requirement is appending DT: to the beginning of the subject line. This is obviously just the convention I chose. You could use another, as you see fit, but this just made simple sense to me.

PS: This is proof-of-concept and not filing the email anywhere but the Global Inbox. Nor is it filing in different groups and databases, adding Tags, etc. Those things are certainly possible, if you’re inclined to edit the Mail Rule script, but the complexity of operations will increase as you code for those options.