Mail seach

I’ve bought Devonthink Pro Office to archive emails from Mail.

The search function must work well for documents where you aren’t sure quite what you are looking for, but for mail it isn’t very useful.
For instance, I often want to find all the emails from a particular person. And, even better, between certain dates. There may be a way to do this, but it isn’t obvious.
And, as there could be a lot of emails, I would like to see them in the same format as the normal database window which is much easier to scan.

Thank you for the feedback! We’re aware of the issues and will fix/improve them in an upcoming release.

Thank you for your prompt reply

I’d like to say that I think your web site is exemplary. It’s extremely clear, and the tutorials very helpful. It gives one great confidence in the products.

I do like the fact that Devonthink keeps my directory structure and looks exactly like Mail: years later this will remind me of the context of my correspondence. But at the moment I’m not confident I’ll be able to find the mails once they are in the database.